Walking in the Evening, All Together

I've been trying to walk every evening. As I get bigger, and slower, it gets harder, but some evenings are so beautiful it would be difficult NOT to walk out into the cooling dusk. Today there was just such an evening -- and I wasn't the only one who thought so. Yesterday we had a near blizzard, and today it was spring, glorious spring, again. This evening was so warm and gorgeous, in fact, even my skinny little greyhound, Micah, braved a long walk. Hard to believe there was a foot of snow on the ground last night. But Micah wasn't the only surprise addition to our nightly walk...

Robert Frost the cat joined us too.

He made it all the way to the windmill.

And of course the bean sprout was there too...big as a bowling ball, and nearly as heavy!

What a gift, this lovely evening, and the six of us walking, all together.

#dogs #cats #baby #walking

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