Late Snow and Early Spring

On Thursday we woke to a beautiful, light snow falling. It melted away before the morning was half over, but I ran out to take photos before it did. Here are a few of my favorites...

Expectant mamas, enjoying hay for breakfast in the north pasture

Snowflakes fall on a brand new baby

Papa Bjorn with his newest a cat. We can't explain it but since the lambs spend their first few days in the barn, the barn cats become very attached to the babies, and now love to follow them around the little pasture. Perhaps it is the lingering smell of fresh milk?

More cat photos! Thor and Alfie climbing on the milking station. Zena, our half jersey angus cross, watches in the background. She had her calf on Monday, so we've been trying to get her used to being in the head catch. So far, she is not a big fan. I can't really blame her.

Blackbirds in the windbreak...We've been a stopping point for all kids of birds heading north. Starlings, redwing blackbirds, crows, all with big voice filling the air and the trees.

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