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Friday Project: The week in photos (week 5, August 8)

Well, I missed a week. Technology is my nemesis. I had all the photos chosen and uploaded, the text written, the layout laid out, and the draft saved. Then it got “lost.” Sigh. It didn’t help that my heart was and is really hurting. You see, I also just lost Betty, one of the little calves I was raising. She had grown big and was thriving, and then suddenly she was dead. Just like that. I am also losing my sweet cat, Charles Dickens. He went missing, then came back, but he is not the same. It’s been over a week and he still won’t eat unless I force feed him with a syringe. There doesn’t seem to be anything else wrong with him, he is just...a ghost version of his former self, mostly bones now, and sad, staring eyes. Oh, and the milk cow has a lacerated udder, the basement is flooded, there are a million and one jobs I can’t ever seem to get done, and I still worry sometimes in the late afternoon that I am wasting my life with frivolities and weariness. But there are also visits with family and sunsets -- and the latter is available every single day! So, here are a few photos from the last two weeks. These photos were the moments of grace rising like a mist to offer a little respite when I started to get too sad. I hope they offer you a little respite too.


Max and Jack, riding bikes


Hay Bales in the Gloaming


Baby Girl in the Barn


Shadehill at Sunset


Wallace at a Roping


Two of the Tinies (photo by Nancy Bonacci)


Evening Photos with Mom


The Road Home

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