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Something Lost, Something Found


A few weeks ago my barn cat Roxy had kittens. She hid them extremely well. So well, in fact, that it was only her sudden slimness that gave away their date of birth. It took a lot of hunting, but eventually I found them. Then she found out I had found them, so she moved them. Then I found them again, but I was a little more discreet and a lot more savvy. After a few days of plying her with fancy canned catfood, I got her to let me pet them. Of course, they were under the foundation of the barn, so in order to pet them, I had to lay flat on my back in the well-used corral. My poor honey came out to find me thus and thought I was injured, or worse...what other reason would cause a person to lay on the ground in such a fashion?

Yesterday she finally brought them out, and folks, it was worth waiting for...they are just perfect. So I took a video to share. And then I took another! I couldn't help it, I want to spread the joy. They are still wobbly and a little shy, but once they get going, the whole pile turns into a roly-poly jungle gym. Poor Roxy has her paws full...

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