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Friday Project: the week in photos (week 4, July 25th)

A week of storms and sunshine. The garden is growing, we are enjoying the daily harvest, and haying is done! The animals will eat well this winter, which gives a cozy feeling, even now in these hot, heavy days. It wasn't a great week for photos because I am continually having technical difficulties. I may have to admit my ancient point and shoot is not up to the challenges of this project. Mostly that is my fault -- years of dropping it in the dirt, and even leaving it out in the rain one night recently, have taken their toll. Hopefully this will still give you a little taste of where we are now that July is almost over. Enjoy!


Garden Pet (sometime you find friends in unexpected places...this little guy was munching my kale, but those little antlers are so cute. How much kale do we really need anyway?)


Chickens! Pippa, the little Leghorn


Herefords in the Afternoon


Preparing the Garden for a Storm (Storms in the northern plains can be devastating. Hail was predicted two different times this week, so we did what we could to save the tomatoes. We were lucky both times and just got wind and rain.)


Storm Clouds, Fenceline, Geldings

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