Friday Project: the week in photos (week 3, July 18th)

Happy Summer everyone! I said it last week, and it has certainly been true -- midsummer is here in all it's glory. This was a week of beautiful mornings, warm, lazy afternoons, and long, rosy dusks. Every evening this week I have said, "It really is a perfect summer evening , isn't it?" And every evening it has been true. We also had some surprises -- in the form of kittens! In last week's photos I wrote about Roxy and the hope that she might appear with we discovered her babies were in fact alive is a long and exciting story, and deserves it's own post...but sufficed to say, I got to hold her six soft kittens in my arms, so of course it had to be included in the week of photos. Enjoy!

Fields of Green, pickup window, late afternoon

Roxy's Beautiful Babies

Meri in the Tall Grass

Ellie and her Flock (isn't she getting huge!!)

Little Flowers, Big World

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