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Friday Project: the week in photos (week 2, July 11th)

This week started out steamy. Really steamy. All the rain that fell in June + the first high temperatures of the season made the perfect combination for enjoying iced tea and shade trees. There may have been some afternoon napping as well. There were still a few cool days -- I wore my stocking cap to do chores one morning! But it is definitely midsummer. The grass in the pasture is waist high in some places, the garden is greening up beautifully, and the animals are all getting so big. They are more teenagers than babies now. That means weaning is upon us. We've got the calves and lambs down to one bottle a day instead of two, and they just hate it. So do I! The calves especially have perfected the art of the mournful moo, low but resonant, so it can be heard even while in the house. Next week we will bring Rita back to the pasture (she has been out with the bulls) and I am looking forward to fresh milk again. Of course, that means two more sad babies to add to the chorus, but at least they will be in good company...

So without further fanfare, here is the week in photos. I finally figured out how to embed them in the post, so I hope you enjoy the new format. Please feel free to offer suggestions as I continue to work out the kinks...


Red Mamas and Windmill, early morning


Max moves the Gate, I wait in the Pickup

(ok, as you can see, I am pretty spoiled -- usually the passenger has to be the gate opener. Finally my lack of upper body strength is working in my favor! Also, obviously you need coffee to check cows in the early morning...)


Chickens in the Coop, first light


Barn Cat Breakfast

(Our black cat, Roxy, appeared for the first time a few months ago. She and Yellow Cat, previously a confirmed bachelor, decided to set up housekeeping and before too long we had babies on the way. This was probably her first litter as she is little more than a kitten herself, and I don't think the kittens lived long. Both cats are more than half wild, so I am still hoping the babies are just well hidden and one of these days the little family will all come together to breakfast...)


Ellie, Twigs, and Malka

(Ellie is bonding with her flock, and it is so fun to watch. The lambs come up to her and put their heads down so she will lick their ear and faces. In the morning and evenings when it is cool they all play together while the grownups watch.)


Chicken Jungle Gym


The Pasture, dusk (photo by Max Loughlin)

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