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First Friday Project: the week in photographs

One of my favorite bloggers, Amanda Soule (you can find her lovely photographs and writing here: has a weekly tradition of putting up a single photograph with no words. As she writes: "A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember." I am trying out a similar idea. One of the most exciting things about life on the ranch is that each day is full of simple, extraordinary moments. Watching the animals grow, the plants changing with the seasons, and my daily chores evolving with each of these new phases of life -- there is always something to savor. And share. I am going to try and post photos every Friday of a "day in the life." A reflection of the current state of things in the garden, in the barn, in the pasture, in our home. In this way I hope to share a litte bit of the pleasure of the seasons here at the Little Pasture on the Prairie. Of course, I am (always) a bit behind figuring out the technological part of this endeavor, so for now they will be posted on facebook, but I hope to start doing it on the blog soon. For now, you can find them by clicking here: first friday photographs.

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